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Charging Guardian: Universal EVS Wall Protection Box for Tesla Chargers

Charging Guardian: Universal EVS Wall Protection Box for Tesla Chargers

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Product Description

Introducing the Charging Guardian – your fortress for Tesla Gen 3 chargers. Crafted from high-strength steel and polymer, it offers unmatched security and durability. With easy snap-on installation and a mechanical combination lock, it provides real-time control and peace of mind. Waterproof with ventilation, it adapts to your needs for a seamless charging experience. Upgrade your Tesla charging with the Charging Guardian – innovation meets reliability.


Name Charging Guardian: Universal EVS Wall Protection Box for Tesla Chargers
Compatibility Tesla Gen 3 chargers
Material High-strength steel plate polymers with frosted texture coating
Installation Special snap design, no hole punching required
Weather Resistance IP65 waterproof rating for outdoor use, withstands rain and snow
Locking Mechanism Mechanical combination lock with temperature and humidity LCD display
Ventilation and Drainage Thoughtful layout for efficient ventilation and drainage
Flexibility in Installation Wall-mounted or any desired location for versatile setup
Design Features - Vertically concave design on Tesla Charger Pedestal for cable positioning
- Strengthens anti-torque deformation, reducing material wastage
Dimensions 31.4 x 13.7 x 3.8 inches

Key Features:

  1. Tesla Charging Station Protection Box:

    • Superior protection for Tesla Gen 3 chargers, delivering unparalleled safety.
  2. Ingenious Craft, Elaborate Creation:

    • Meticulously crafted from high-strength steel plate and polymer materials with a frosted texture for durability and aesthetic appeal.
  3. Special Snap Design - Easy Installation:

    • No need for hole punching; our special snap design ensures a hassle-free and quick installation process.
  4. IP65 Waterproof:

    • With an impressive IP65 rating, this protection box can withstand various weather conditions, providing steadfast defense against rain and snow, ensuring your Tesla charger remains unscathed.
  5. Mechanical Combination Lock with LCD Display:

    • Enhance security with a mechanical combination lock featuring a temperature and humidity LCD display, keeping you informed and in control.
  6. Ventilation and Drainage:

    • Carefully planned layout for effective ventilation and drainage, preventing moisture build-up and ensuring optimal conditions for your Tesla charger.
  7. Flexible Installation Options:

    • Enjoy the flexibility of installation – whether wall-mounted or in any preferred location. Make the charging experience convenient and adaptable to your needs.
  8. Tesla Charger Pedestal Design:

    • The vertically concave design of the Tesla Charger Pedestal prevents cable sagging and exposure. This design reinforces the anti-torque deformation strength of the column structure, allowing for a thinner yet robust steel material.

    Why Choose Our Charging Guardian Over Competitors?

    Our Charging Guardian EV Charging Pile Wall Protection Box outshines the competition with its combination of durability, innovation, and thoughtful design. Unlike ordinary protection boxes, our product seamlessly integrates strength and style, ensuring your Tesla charger remains secure in any environment. Invest in the future of EV charging protection with Charging Guardian – your charger deserves the best.

    Charging Guardian vs. Competitors:

    • Innovative Design:

      • Charging Guardian: Stylish blend of high-strength steel and polymer materials.
      • Competitors: Often prioritize functionality over design.
    • Waterproof Excellence:

      • Charging Guardian: IP65 waterproof rating for superior resistance.
      • Competitors: Claim water resistance but may fall short.
    • Advanced Security Features:

      • Charging Guardian: Mechanical combination lock with LCD display.
      • Competitors: Lack comprehensive security features.
    • Effortless Installation:

      • Charging Guardian: Special snap design for quick, hassle-free installation.
      • Competitors: Installation processes can be more complex.
    • Flexibility in Installation:

      • Charging Guardian: Adaptable for wall mounting or preferred locations.
      • Competitors: Limited installation options.
    • Overall Appeal:

      • Charging Guardian: Balances function with an appealing design.
      • Competitors: Design may not be a focal point.

    Choose the Charging Guardian for a sleek, secure, and user-friendly Tesla charger protection, surpassing competitors in style and substance!

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 86 reviews
    Alex Lee
    Fast shipping

    Received my Charging Guardian within 7 days of ordering. Impressed with the speedy delivery.

    Emily Wilson
    Very good

    The Charging Guardian is very good. It adds a layer of security to my Tesla charger.

    Jessica Taylor
    Great Customer Service

    Ghori Products' customer care team was prompt and helpful in addressing my queries.

    Eduardo Ramos

    ¡Gran protección para mi cargador Tesla! Fácil de instalar y resistente al agua.

    Lucia Sanchez
    ¡Muy recomendado!

    Protección de primera para mi cargador Tesla. Fácil de instalar y resistente al agua.